On the 1st of March, Skyproff will host the second consecutive Skyproff Cup – the first and only rope access competition in Estonia. It’s an event that offers an intense workout, exciting challenges, fun with colleagues, positive energy and tempting prizes. Men and women from Estonia and elsewhere are all expected – if they have rope access training.

In Estonia, rope access is still a new field, but it’s developing fast. Unfortunately there aren’t that many events similar to Skyproff Cup happening – at least not with an international target group. Here are some of the better-known rope access competitions that also host international guests:


  1. Petzl RopeTrip
    This is undoubtedly the most famous international rope access competition. The first RopeTrip was held in 2012. In addition to the competition, there are also trainings and workshops. It is held every time in a different country, for example in 2018 it was held in Germany and in 2017 in Switzerland.
  2. Rope Access Challenge
    This is a popular rope access technicians’ competition in Romania. The event that lasts a whole long day invites both men and women on separate tournaments. The first Challenge was held in 2017.
  3. Indonesia Rope Challenge
    In 2018, the first rope access challenge in Indonesia was held. Competitors faced their tasks both in teams of three and individually. There were qualifications, semi-finals and finals; after the competitions, all participants relaxed in an awards ceremony.
  4. OTDL Cup
    This was the biggest event in the Polish rope access field. The event lasted several days and also featured some team challenges. Unfortunately the Polish rope access organization OTDL doesn’t host the competition anymore – it was last held in 2016.

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When? – March 1st, 2019
Where? – Tallinn, Estonia