Privacy Policy for customers

Skyproff OÜ (hereafter: we) value the privacy of our customers (hereafter: you) highly. In this Privacy Policy we will explain, which data we collect, why, and what we do what the data.

Who are we?

Skyproff was founded in 2010 and from that time we have grown into one of the biggest high altitude companies in Estonia. We are specialized in the rope access method – a safe alternative to lift trucks and scaffoldings. Our team consists of about 15 people and we offer services all over Europe. We have a great credit rating and we’re growing fast (Gasell 2017). We service big industrial enterprises as well as real estate companies. People turn to us with complicated problems and expect a professional solution. Among our services are: inspection, cleaning, repairs, installation and painting at height.

We use the necessary technical, physical and organizational safety measures to ensure your personal data is protected from theft, destruction and unauthorized access or use.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us:

What data is collected and where do we get it from?

Here is the type of data we collect about you:

  • personal data, e.g name and surname
  • contact data: phone number, e-mail address
  • personal preference data: e.g. specifications you have made to your work orders via e-mails or order forms; topics which interest you for the newsletter etc.

Generally we get your data straight from you when you make an inquiry via our website, phone, e-mail or other channels.

Why do we need this data? What happens if you don’t share it?

We use your information to provide the services you have ordered; to meet legal requirements; and for general business purposes, e.g.:

  • Personal data – we need this information to ensure your identity – to ensure that we provide services to the person who actually ordered them. In case of trainings, we need the data to give out a valid diploma.
  • Contact data – we need this information to contact you if needed. Mostly we will use your e-mail address or phone number, but in certain cases it might be necessary to use your address as well (e.g. if we can’t reach you via other channels).
  • Address of the worksite – we need to know the address of the worksite which the inquiry is about, so we could preview it via public maps. Oftentimes these maps provide enough data to compile a price offer. To protect our business interests, we reserve the right to deny sending an offer if the customer does not state the full address of the worksite.
  • Personal preference data – if we ask this data or if you give this data to us voluntarily, we use it to give you the best service according to your wishes and interests.

What is the legal base for collecting the data?

We are working with your information according to multiple legal bases:

  • The need to enter into a contract with you or to fulfill a contract made with you
  • You consent – if we have taken your consent to work with your data, you can take the consent back at any time
  • The need to fulfill legal obligations (e.g. keeping your data during the contracted works’ guarantee period, as per the Estonian construction laws)
  • The need to exercise our justified interests, including leading the business and doing everyday business; discovering legal offenses and fraud
  • The need to protect your or a third party’s life and health (e.g. giving your data to the ambulance in case of emergency)
  • Other legally allowed bases.

Who do we share your data with?

We do not share the data trusted to us, except in limited cases which are described below, and in case it is necessary to ensure the goals described in this Privacy Policy:

  • Our sister companies: we may share your data with our sister companies, which are all based in the European Union.
  • Service providers: like many other companies, we may order data processing services (e.g. IT or consultations) from trustworthy third party service providers.
  • Government facilities and public authorities: we may share your data to public authorities if we are legally obliged to share it or if the sharing of data is necessary to protect our rights.
  • Professional counselors: we may share your data with professional counselors like auditors, lawyers, accountants and other consultants.
  • Third parties connected to business deals: from time to time we may share your data with third parties, regarding a corporative deal, e.g. selling a part of the company to another company. Also in case of restructuring the company, merging with another company, creating a shared company or moving the assets of the company in any other way.

In case we share your data with the aforementioned persons, we will ensure the protection of your data in the contract between us and the third party.

We will not keep or send your data outside the European Economic Area or to countries which have not made a decision to offer enough protection based on directive 95/46/EÜ article 25 paragraph 6 or its successor document EU regulation 2016/679 article 45 paragraph 1.

How long will we keep your data?

We will keep your information for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the different data processing goals.

The company will keep your data, following these principles:

  • As long as it’s necessary to keep the data to offer our services
  • If the person is a repeated customer, we will keep their data for as long as is necessary to offer our services at a faster pace and a lower price
  • If we have a legally based, contractual or similar type of obligation to keep the data, then for as long as is necessary to meet this obligation
  • After the end of our contractual relationship we will keep the data for as long as the person or the company have the contractual rights to submit claims against the other party

If you have given us consent to forward marketing materials, we will keep your data until you have taken back this consent.

What are your rights regarding your information?

You have the following rights:

  • The right to see your data – you have the right to know which data is kept about you and how it is processed.
  • The right to correct your data – you have the right to demand your data to be updated in case it is incorrect.
  • The right to delete the data (the right to “be forgotten”) – in certain cases you have the right to demand we delete your data (e.g. if we no longer have the need for them; you take back your consent to process your data etc).
  • The right to limit the processing of data – in certain cases you have the right to deny or limit the processing of your data for a certain amount of time (e.g. if you have filed an objection regarding the data processing).
  • The right to object – depending on the situation at hand, you have the right to file objections regarding the processing of your data, if the processing of your data takes place based on our justified interests or public interests. You can object to data processing for direct marketing purposes at any time.
  • The right to transfer data – you have the right to demand the data you have given to us to be transferred to you in a machine readable format. You may also demand the data to be transferred directly to another data processor, but only if it is technically feasible. The right to transfer data only concerns the data we process based on your consent or to fulfill a contract made with you.
  • Automatic decision-making (incl. profile analysis) – in case we have notified you that we will be making decisions based on an automated processing of data (incl. profile analysis), which may bring you legal consequences or influence you remarkably, then you may demand this decision not to be made only based on automatic processing.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or you wish to exercise your rights as the data subject, please contact us via e-mail

We will do our best to address your e-mails quickly and free of charge, unless the demand would bring along an unproportional cost for us. If you are not happy with the answers we provide, you may turn to the Data Protection Inspectorate.

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Last updated: December 6th, 2018