If you don’t know what Skyproff Cup is yet then keep reading. It’s the only rope access competition in Estonia. The competition will be held for the third time and it has become a part of our work culture and mission to make rope access safer. This year the structure of the competition is more fair (participants are divided into 2 different categories based on their experience).

Read more about the content of the competiton from our web page.

Here are some reasons why you should participate in the competition:

  • Great place to get to know other people in the same field as you
    The competition brings together rope access technicians with different skills from Estonia and other countries. Skyproff Cup is the best event in the Baltics for competing with specialists in rope access and also just casually chat with each other.
  • It’s like a boosted refresher training
    You refresh your knowledge and skills and also learn new tricks from other participants. The competition is a lot more fun, costs a lot less and has much more concentrated topics than a “real” refresher course.
  • Challenge yourself and try your limits
    It is a competition so you will challenge yourself in one way or another. The tasks require, for example, speed, rope access skills, ensuring safety and thinking of special solutions.
  • Prizes
    We also have to mention the sweet prizes. Keep yourself up to date with Skyproff Cup and learn who are the main sponsors this year. In addition, every participant gets a gift bag and a high-quality sports shirt (included in the participation fee).

We are adding information about the competiton on our webpage.