Maintenance and cleaning service

We started our company in 2010 with various snow removal jobs. Since then maintenance and cleaning services have been one of our main outputs and we do it regularly. We remove snow, ice, dust, corrosion, moss, production residue etc. Some of our jobs include: The Bank of Estonia window washing, Chancellery of the Riigikogu ice and snow removal, Saku brewery facade cleaning.

What do we offer?

Facade cleaning

Facade cleaning using a washer and cleaning supplies. We clean facades made out of concrete, glass, stone, tin and plaster. We remove dirt, moss and seaweed and add a protective coating to the cleaned area.

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Window cleaning

Traditional window washing means removing the dirt using a sponge and a rubber. The sponge helps to disassemble the dirt from the window and the rubber is used to wipe the glass clean and dry. Bird excrement will be removed with abrasive cleaning agent and the frames are cleaned with a cloth.


Roof cleaning

We clean roofs using a high pressure washer or a sandblaster. We clean roofs made out of stone and tin. In addition we remove moss from the roof, cover it with moss control and do painting jobs.

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Tank cleaning

We clean tanks from dust, oil, grease and other residue. Dirty tanks corrode faster and their lifespan shortens. In case of oil there’s also a fire hazard. Thanks to our good access methods we are able to clean tanks very effectively from the inside and out. We use pressure washers and cleaning supplies corresponding to the dirt, thus making the surfaces clean.


Removing dust

Removing dust and cleaning ferms. Different constructions, lamps, cable gutters, ferms and ventilation systems that are under the roof gather dust. When the amount of dust gets too high there’s a danger of dust explosion. In addition, the dust that falls from under the roof due to a wind pull may cause quality problems in production.

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Removing rust and corrosion control

Cleaning surfaces from old paint and removing rust according to the required cleaning class (Sa 2, St 2,5). Cleaning using high pressure washers, pesticides, sandblasters, wet sandblasters and manual cleaning.


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Why choose us?

window Maintenance and cleaning services at height
We serve over 300 customers a year

We are a growing company that serves over 300 customers a year.

training Maintenance and cleaning services at height
The work is done by professionals and experienced technicians

Our employees own required international training standards (IRATA) that are necessary for working at height. In addition, our employees have specific training in their work-specific field.

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We’ll find solutions to places that are difficult to access

For washing we use ropes, lift trucks or window cleaning poles which gives us mobility. That way we are able to clean even the most difficult to access places.

maintenance Maintenance and cleaning services at height
Inexpensive and high-quality

Ordering a job without an intermediary will be cheaper and the quality of work is guaranteed.