2901, 2020

Why you should never take a risk with too short trainings?

Every year we provide work at height trainings for more than 200 people. It’s not a big business for us but it breaks even and it is an important part of our mission of making work at height safe and efficient. About 70% are our regular customers and for some technicians, it is the third or fourth time to train with us. For them, we always try to find something new to teach. With new customers, we assess their needs (what is the complexity of their job [...]

2701, 2020

Why participate in Skyproff Cup 2020? What has changed since last year?

If you don’t know what Skyproff Cup is yet then keep reading. It’s the only rope access competition in Estonia. The competition will be held for the third time and it has become a part of our work culture and mission to make rope access safer. This year the structure of the competition is more fair (participants are divided into 2 different categories based on their experience). Read more about the content of the competiton from our web page. Here are some reasons why you should [...]

2301, 2019

Rope Access competitions around the world

On the 1st of March, Skyproff will host the second consecutive Skyproff Cup - the first and only rope access competition in Estonia. It’s an event that offers an intense workout, exciting challenges, fun with colleagues, positive energy and tempting prizes. Men and women from Estonia and elsewhere are all expected - if they have rope access training. In Estonia, rope access is still a new field, but it’s developing fast. Unfortunately there aren’t that many events similar to Skyproff Cup happening - at least not with [...]

2011, 2018

Why participate in IRATA training?

In addition to working at height, Skyproff also gives out different trainings. The longest, most expensive and most extensive is the IRATA training (given out by our partner GAT International). This international rope access training often creates a lot of questions. Read more and find out, who this course is for, why it is so valued and what you can do with the knowledge. Here are some reasons why we recommend participating in the IRATA course: International certificate IRATA, short for International Rope Access Trade Association, is [...]

1502, 2018

So what’s up with fixed ladders?

So what’s up with fixed ladders? As you’ve probably heard, there’s been a lot of talk about OSHA’s new rule on Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Protective Equipment and its relation to fixed ladders. So what exactly is happening? And what do you need to do? While there are many facets to the rule, we want to bring the focus to the ladder aspect. Cages specifically. The new rule will require fixed ladders over 24ft be equipped with a personal fall arrest system to arrest a worker’s fall, [...]

1502, 2018

Why rope access??

For as long as there have been buildings and structures people having been working at height, using various means to get themselves there. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used hawser laid ropes made of water reed fibers to suspend workers at height; what would appear to be a steeplejack is depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry. One of the earlier forms of access by rope involved a team of men lowering another brave/unfortunate, hand over hand, down the work-face on what (still is) known as a Bosuns’ Chair [...]

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