Roof cleaning

Roof cleaning must be done regularly – this helps keep the roof in better condition for a longer time. A broken roof starts leaking and causes a lot of discomfort. It’s cheaper to clean your roof regularly than to repair it or even replace it with a new one when it’s broken.

What do we offer?

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Pressure washing

Pressure washing means that we wash the facade with a high-pressure washer using ropes. The method is fast and environmentally friendly and is used to remove dirt from roof tiles. The cleaning is done according to the roof type. Pressure washing shows all the damaged places, doesn’t create dust and creates very little cleaning residue. We carry out washing on different types of roofs.


Moss control

We remove moss from the walls and roofs of buildings. We spray the moss control spray on the area the moss needs to be removed from and rinse it afterwards with gentle pressure washing. The rest will be washed off by rain! If wanted, we will cover the area with a protective liquid. This will prevent the moss from growing back and the roof will stay clean for a longer period of time.

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Special washing

Special washing is used when the roof has paint or plaster on its surface. We use a high-pressure washer and a specific cleaning agent. With that we assure our customers a clean roof.


Why choose us?

We serve over 300 customers a year

We are a growing company that serves over 300 customers a year.

The work is done by professionals and experienced technicians

Our employees own required international training standards (IRATA) that are necessary for working at height. In addition, our employees have specific training in their work-specific field.

We’ll find solutions to places that are difficult to access.

For washing we use ropes, lift trucks or window cleaning poles which gives us mobility. That way we are able to clean even the most difficult to access places.

Inexpensive and high-quality

Ordering a job without an intermediary will be cheaper and the quality of work is guaranteed.

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