Paint helps keep your facade looking fresh for longer. In addition, it protects from different weather conditions. When done right, paint gives a longer lifespan to the facade and represents a well-maintained business to the public.

What do we offer?

Corrosion removal

Surface cleaning service, during which we will remove the old paint. We remove the rust according to the required cleaning class (Sa 2, St 2.5). Working methods: high-pressure washer, detergent, sandblaster, wet sandblaster and manual cleaning.

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Facade painting

In addition to washing, facade maintenance also includes painting. After cleaning the surface from dirt, the results will not last long if the surface is not protected or painted. The purpose of painting is to keep the facade fresh for longer. Important factors include the type of facade (plaster, wood, brick) and the paint chosen for the work.


Metal painting

When painting metal surfaces, it is necessary to clean them first: to remove loose paint and rust. It is recommended to apply 1-2 layers of metal-primed paint and thoroughly dry it before applying the surface paint. If there are small holes or unevenness on the surface, the surface must be filled with a filler or sand with a sandpaper.  The surface paint needs to meet the requirements depending on the project conditions.

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Tank painting

Before painting tanks, the surface must be cleaned of old paint and rust. The surface is cleaned with a sandblaster. The cleaned surface is covered with primer and then painted.


Roof painting

Roof painting begins with clearing the roof from branches, leaves and moss that has formed on the roof. Then the loose, cracked color from the roof surface is removed with a steel bar and scraper. We also remove rust. If the roof is cleaned, it can be painted. It is important to choose the right type of paint. When painting an old roof, you must first determine which product has been used on the roof before.

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We serve over 300 customers a year

We are a growing company that serves over 300 customers a year.

The work is done by professionals and experienced technicians

Our employees own required international training standards (IRATA) that are necessary for working at height. In addition, our employees have specific training in their work-specific field.

We’ll find solutions to places that are difficult to access

For washing we use ropes, lift trucks or window cleaning poles which gives us mobility. That way we are able to clean even the most difficult to access places.

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Ordering a job without an intermediary will be cheaper and the quality of work is guaranteed.