When you have surfaces that need to be cleaned, stripped, made smooth, or made rough, abrasive blasting is often considered one of the most effective options. Abrasive blasting is the process of propelling particles at high speeds at an object to remove paint, debris, rust, and grease. Blasting prepares surfaces for coatings, strengthen metal surfaces and adhesion.

What do we offer?

sandblasting3 Blasting

Step 1: preparation and safety

Our technicians are fully outfitted with a blast suit, which protects them from the harmful particles that are present in the dust. Typically, blasting workers wear protective body suits that include respirators to protect from dust and ear protection due to the significant noise. Also, dust collection is a key to prevent fires.

Step 2: process

Choosing the best abrasive medium (metals, polymers, ceramics) for a specific surface is essential. Also choosing the right method (dry abrasive; moisture-injection abrasive; wet abrasive blast) is important for effective results.

sandblasting 1 Blasting
sandblasting1 Blasting

Step 3: blasting

The main advantage of cleaning materials by sandblasting them is that the process takes very little effort from a manual perspective. Simply operating a hand-held machine rather than exerting any physical effort makes cleaning glass, metals, and rough surfaces far faster.


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We serve over 300 customers a year

We are a growing company that serves over 300 customers a year.

The work is done by professionals

Our employees own required international training standards (IRATA) that are necessary for working at height. In addition, our employees have specific training in their work-specific field.

We’ll find solutions to places that are difficult to access

We use ropes or lift trucks which gives us mobility. That way we are able to work on even the most difficult to access places.

Experienced technicians

We have gathered experience since 2010. We have made mistakes and learned from them and know how to avoid them.