Guidelines for freelancers and partners of Skyproff

  1. Reporting hours & other routines

    1. Reporting hours & other routines
      1. Report Form
        1. Write your hours every day
        2. or Jotform link
        3. Here are the instructions, should you need them
        4. We can only start processing your payments once we have received all your working times!!! Even if we have agreed on a fixed rate per job, it is still necessary to fill in the hours.
      2. Photos & videos
        1. In every work site, you must take before and after photos of each work process
        2. Also try to take some photos of your colleagues and the scenery
        3. Upload all photos to the shared Google Drive folder OR send them to via your own Google Drive folder link
        4. All photos must be uploaded within 2-3 days after the work
      3. Schedule
        1. Let the project manager know as soon as possible, when you are available and when you are not
        2. Ideally, let us know about your days off 2 weeks in advance
        3. If a project has been marked in the schedule for you, do not cancel it unless it is an emergency – there might be costs involved
    2. Safety and security
      1. Work on site
        1. Before starting work, a Toolbox meeting will be held
        2. Before starting work, a risk assessment shall be madeIf working is not safe, it will be stopped until it is safe to work
        3. Everyone must use the designated safety equipment
        4. The worksite manager (Estonian: objektijuht) will be responsible for giving directions and orders and deciding the course of action to complete the work
        5. Information about possible dangers, obstacles etc shall be given to the worksite manager as soon as possible
        6. The Work order (Estonian: Töökäsk) contains necessary information about the job and shall be used as a guideline and information source
      2. In rope access jobs, all IRATA safety guidelines (ICOP, safety bulletins and other applicable guidelines) must be followed
    3. Contract
      1. Contract
        1. Frame agreement blank – general terms and conditions
      2. Confidentiality
        1. Unless legally demanded, you will not publish or otherwise share confidential information about the client, Skyproff OÜ and/or this agreement without prior written consent of the client and Skyproff OÜ, throughout the duration of this contract as well as after the final termination of this contract.
        2. You are not allowed to use names, pictures, videos, logos, drawings or other material of the executed services in your references, marketing materials or any other form prior to written consent by Skyproff OÜ.
        3. This also means: no sharing pictures from work on social media before getting a written approval from Skyproff!
    4. Contacts & locations
      1. People
        1. CEO (Mihkel) 56914241 / management, contracts, payments
        2. PROJECT MANAGER (Mairo) 58502404 / project management, work orders
        3. WAREHOUSE MANAGER (Carl) 58502406 / materials, tools, warehouse, equipment
        4. OFFICE MANAGER (Laura) 58502401 / office, general info, recruitment
        5. MARKETING MANAGER (Kristiina) / marketing, website & other public channels
          ülesehitus Freelancers
      2. Skyproff OÜ
        1. GENERAL NUMBER 58502424 / Skyproff’s general contacts, for sharing with customers
        2. Bank: LHV; IBAN: EE427700771001037987
        3. Registry code: 12186955; VAT registry code: EE101492698
        4. Official adress: Lina 5, Tallinn 10314 Estonia
      3. Office
        1. Lina 5, Tallinn 10314 Estonia
        2. Tram stop: Sitsi (tram lines 1 and 2)
        3. Bus stops: Tööstuse (bus lines 59 and 73), Sitsi (bus lines 3, 26, 26A), Madala (bus lines 32, 33, 72)
      4. Accommodation
        1. Guidelines for sleeping in the premises
        2. Guidelines for sleeping in rental apartments
        3. If these guidelines are not met, for example if we need to hire external cleaning services, the cost of these services will be deducted from your salary/payment.

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